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Auto Accidents

Car Wreck? Get Checked!

Auto accidents can result in immediate injuries, specifically to the neck and back. Some injuries may be more subtle at first, and manifest themselves slowly over time, which is why it's important to get checked as soon as possible by a licensed chiropractor to see what type of injuries you may have.

Treatable Conditions


Neck Pain

Back Pain


Muscle Tightness

Decreased Range of Motion

Joint Pain

If you've been in an auto accident, you have access to Personal Injury Protection ("PIP"). Every auto insurance policy written in Kentucky carries a minimum $10,000 of PIP coverage, no matter who is at fault.

What Does This Mean?

If you've been involved in a car accident, and are injured as a result, you have access to up to $10,000 of medical coverage even if you're not at fault. 

And The Best Part?

PIP insurance will cover 100% of your auto accident injury treatment at Snap Chiropractic, without having to pay a deductible or co-pay out of your own pocket.

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